Saturday, September 12, 2015

Would you like success? heres how

For Individuals or Business looking to Earn Money, We are giving you free lifetime membership on completeajob. That's right, Free, Forever. With your membership you can do the following.
Work online as a Freelancer or Hire Freelancers to outsource your Projects, Find Employment with our Jobs Board or Hire employees by listing job openings, Post or Find Products & Services with Classifieds Ads, Buy & Sell Digital products through our Digital Marketplace. Grow your business with a Free Business Listing.

WHAT WE DO brings individuals and businesses together to exchange services in the easiest ways possible. Its a simple vision to make earning money easier through connecting individuals and businesses. We provide a marketplace for talent cloud, freelance, digital marketplace, business listing and services. The best part... it costs nothing for the user, its free to sign up, free to use. If the user decides to feature their products and services on the main featured page they can pay a optional fee. 
 We are a company founded on the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their life's passion and earn money through their pursuit. We are comprised of our staff, many of whom are freelancers, the individuals and business members of our site. Without all of you cannot fulfill its vision so we thank you. That's all, we have no long boring corporate statements in our company culture!
 What We Need & What You Get
Our website is completely built and functional, please feel free to sign up here , We DON'T WANT TO DO VENTURE CAPITAL because we want to keep our main service free. Imagine listing classifieds free no matter what category and where, Imagine being a freelancer or hiring a freelancer free anywhere in the world, imagine selling software products and buying them, imaging listing your business and finding businesses, imagine finding and listing jobs ALL FREE IN ONE PLACE, no more multiple websites and more importantly no more paying. 
The Impact 
Your free forever signup will lead us to disrupt the big industries, and for you the users its simple, a effective destination where you can get massive benefits all FREE, ON BOTH ENDS, THE BUSINESSES THAT USE US AND THE INDIVIDUALS THAT CONNECT WITH THOSE BUSINESSES. Other websites/businesses do it differently, they either (a) Charge the individual or (b) Charge the businesses. WE do neither, only free services with a optional "featuring" of your profiles.


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